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A Recent Exhibition of Oscar's Paintings

 The Catacombs have recently granted permission to make available prints of a selection of Oscar's paintings. The originals were exhibited at an exhibition entitled "Arabesque - though fluffiness". The Mediterranean theme appears to be a favourite of Oscars, probably because of his recent adventures there.

The exhibition was organised and promoted by a very well-to-do animal named Wetherington, who's rather well connected in the world of art and its dealings.

Oscar was rather reluctant to have his works displayed, despite the degree to which Wetherington raved about them. The Loud Purr was reluctant also. Although the Loud Purr tends to be reluctant about most things. Except of course, being reluctant.

The interest in his paintings has suprised Oscar considerably, because they were never intended for others to view. Being far from any exhibitionist himself, it is yet another aspect of his growing popularity he accepts most graciously.

Unlike his poetry (which he never writes down), his paintings provide an insight to this wonderful animal, and thankfully Wetherington, with his contacts in the art world, has managed their display for all to enjoy.

"I do not consider them to be extractionism of past schools," Wetherington explained at the exhibitions opening. "Nor do I consider them to be contemporary art for that matter. But they are bright and honest and simply honed. That they were created without any anticipation of audience lends them a vibrancy uncontaminated alongside an originality uncluttered."

 The exhibition was a huge success, and became so packed with visitors,  that an entire gallery wall burst. Fortunately, this was not a wall containing Oscar's paintings. It did however support a great deal of the buildings structural integrity, which meant many of Oscar's paintings were then used to help prop up the ceiling when it began to sag alarmingly.