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The Catacombs have made available the videobook of the abridged version of the Purging of Ruen. It was produced for airplay on ANR later this year and comprise 15x20 minute episodes.

You are welcome to listen to it and enjoy it alongside the eBook version. Or entirely without the book if you prefer.

Production credits can be found here, and at the end of the final episode, obviously.


Both the abridged and unabridged versions will  soon be available at the bookshop if you care. Even if you don't, it won't alter the fact that they will be. 

 As the blog alludes to, the audio book production fell victim to technical hitches; principally involving beverages spilled on things that shouldn't have beverages anywhere near them. And failure to actually press record on several occasions. And chairs being thrown around the control room. And chunks of flesh being bitten off producers. But those incidents aside, it is finished and has received some rather splendid comments.

Which is nice.

If one likes that sort of thing.