Book 3. The Alchemists Of Vra

Thomas Corfield the alchemists of vra Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels Dooven books New Fable

In which the world's governments are threatened by a fanatical cat with a disconcerting enthusiasm for cushions.


When Oscar stumbles across an arrogant bard named the Dodosette and the beautiful cat Vaasi-Vee, he unearths a plot to plunge the world into darkness. After some begging, a lot of snow and an industrial-sized vat of soup, the three animals argue all the way to the infamous land of Vra to do something about it.


They did not, however, anticipate having to fight invisible Rottweilers, smash kitchens to pieces, lick frozen cars or fund taxi drivers’ sisters' eye operations. Although, for Oscar Teabag-Dooven, such things are not unusual.


Except, perhaps, the bit about licking cars.