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Book 6. To Blunt The Sharpest Claw

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The third book in the Morrigan Trilogy.

In which a staggering amount of thwarting is required to ensure Oscar returns in further books. And although this one is rather scary, it has far better spelling throughout.


When the seven most dangerous poets in the world announce they want to own the place,  it befalls Oscar, Lyeia and a baker who makes buns with petrol  to do something constructive about it.


Unfortunately, Oscar isn't constructive at the best of times,  and beneath the omnipotent wrath of said poets,  this fifth book rapidly becomes the very worst of times.  It's up to Oscar to convince the leaders of a world  who know nothing of violence to fight them.  Which is difficult considering they’re more interested  in presiding over court cases involving chicken allergies. 

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