Book 4. When Fear Is Not Afraid

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The first book in the Morigan Trilogy.


In which everything is threatened by the seven greatest poets who ever lived. Unfortunately, Oscar isn’t one of them. Hence this book.


It’s not every day Oscar has to flee, fight and thwart in that order. Actually, it is every day, and on this particular one he does so in bolditalics and underlined.


When Oscar Teabag-Dooven is ordered to investigate how a reclusive poet, the Ar'dath-Irr, is able to travel instantaneously around the world, two very bad things happen. Firstly, he meets Lyeia, an insane and violent librarian who habitually punches strangers in the face. Secondly, the Ar'dath-Irr reveals he is intent on taking over the world. The second thing might be considered worse than the first. Oscar feels differently, however, after Lyeia destroys a cafe, a library and his face in one afternoon.

Thwarting world domination just seems easier.

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