Book 2. The World Is Badly Made

Thomas Corfield the world is badly made Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels Dooven books New Fable

In which bedlam threatens to envelope the world, unless Oscar can do something about it—which he's willing to consider, providing it involves an enormous breakfast first.


When the palace of Arabesque’s aide d’camp, a cat named the Tremblees, stumbles upon a translation of an ancient language revealing the existence of a fabled stone, he vows to find it for reasons of greed and vengeance.


With a dead dog stuck to a car bonnet, some burst luggage, a blind bus driver and an enormous number of olives, it becomes a race for Oscar, his colleague, Meesha, and the Tieress of Arabesque to prevent the Tremblees plunging Arabesque back into the Era of Bedlam, a horror that plagued the land a thousand years ago.